Moms: Superwomen come alive

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My mom at home in Koronadal City. She imposes a 5:00pm curfew and won’t go to sleep until everyone is home, our cat Paws included.


God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.  ~Jewish Proverb

My mother had a very simple explanation why I am gung ho about writing. When I was born, she had the placenta and cord wrapped in a newspaper and pages of Reader’s Digest. I just wish she threw in Algebra calculations to complete the plot. No guarantees but you’re free to give it a try – maybe a hard copy of Rich Dad, Poor Dad for maximum impact?

If I am blogging your ears full at this very moment, that’s because my mom organized my life to be doing this even before I got born. Good excuse, uh huh. Honestly, I am eternally thankful.

If our moms (me included in this big league), with all the best intentions available on earth, were to be allowed, they will organize our lives just the way they organize the house – spic and span, clean and neat, things in place, nothing out of focus, fully dusted and brushed to shining glory.

Have you listened to Celine Dion’s Because You Loved Me? It’s a love song for moms and daughters and sons. “You were my voice when I cannot speak”, “You were my strength when I was weak”, “You saw the best there was in me”, “I am everything I am because you loved me”. Every line hits home. Go finish that song to remind you how your mom rallied against all odds to keep you in the right direction – at least based on her own unbiased belief.

I remember being on my knees with my mom looking at references what course should I enroll in college. I ended up taking Public Relations in Sta. Isabel College and after a very long haul, and even colorful stories in between (this one’s perfect for Maalaala Mo Kaya), I graduated – with two kids and clueless what awaits me back in the province.

I managed and survived through it all because she believed in me. Without doubt. Without rancor. Without selfishness. And I am fully certain she will stand by that belief even if a Goliath will foolishly challenge it. I bet she will win!

My mother is 84. Her name is Circumcision, this taken from a calendar by her parents, I bet unwittingly. She was born January 1.

The rest is history, so they say. Whatever I went through – thick and thin – my mom stood up for me and believed in me and fought with me. As I said, she looks fragile but never cross her path when she fights for something – she never backs down. Not even with a towering bus collector who once tried to outwit her with the fare.

On Moms Day, I remember Maggie. Her dedication. Her supreme sacrifice. No dry eyes for those who will read her story. She is an embodiment of a mother who tries to be a superwoman for her children but stays human at heart – incomparable caring and loving bones.

What do you remember of your mom? How do you describe her? Have you thought today how you failed her a billion times and she is still standing up and standing down with you?  She may wail and nag non-stop like a chugging train – do not forget she is your best ally on earth. Long live the moms!


A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts. ~Washington Irving


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17 thoughts on “Moms: Superwomen come alive

  1. …I dropped a tear reading the story… Lola Eser had been my mentor since I was a child. She always has a good say for me.. I love her sooo much. And I love my nanay too, of course! Such a treasure of the family…Can’t describe the feeling remembering the old days with them.

    • Sweet of you, Bing. I am glad we have them and we still remember the lessons we learned from them. Let’s just make them proud of what we are doing and what we will become. I miss ur nanay, too, I treasure a lot of good memories of her. I am sure she is happy where she is.

  2. I felt like crying. Tear drops threatens to fall..Wah!!! Wala lang. Hahaha. Maraming salamat ate for sharing your life. Go go go go!!

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  4. Cecil …Cecil ….. 🙂
    Cec, you really have a way to open in me, drums of happy tears mixed with lots of memories that would never leave my memory bank. For mothers who had worked so hard, lived for us and are still standing for us …there is not enough words to express our thankfulness.
    You said it right the song of Celine Dion speak volumes …
    Keep on writing Amiga …there is not a single sec you need to waste ..there are so much emotions and life in all that you write ..
    Am real proud of what you have become, and in each time I read your article, I see a big picture of me and my whole family ..personified, hitting thru home, stirring kept emotions in my heart …. For God so loved Us Much, He gave us Our Mothers …Ameen 🙂
    Long live Cec …. Hindustan Cec Laguardia 🙂 ….

    Stay healthy,


    • We’re such a bunch of melodramatics who are so fortunate to have moms and dads who did everything to lift us up and accepted us whoever we are and who loved us unconditionally. You also inspire me!

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  11. When sharing my vocation story, it will not be completed without sharing how lola stand for me before nanay to allow me to enter the convent…bought a ticket for my fare to Manila and she makes sure that everything i need in the convent is already in my bag. Thank you so much lola…your love is indeed without doubt! I love you so dearly! God bless you always! Mama Mary will take care of you!

  12. Can’t help but cry…I can only think of the many sacrifices my mom made to see us through, making sure we finish our college education in the best schools she can possibly afford…and I think of myself as a mom…how well do I measure up to God’s standards…I can’t be perfect but God knows how much I try…

    • Thanks for this very touching feedback, amiga. Indeed, we can only celebrate how far we have gone because of moms who made sure we get the best in everything – including a direction they believe is good for us. They are tough acts to follow but we can always try with our very best.

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