About Cecil

About Cecil, your weekend blogger

I am such a sucker for stories. Storytelling is a powerful way for us to inspire each other. So, I started with my own story to remind girls and women that marrying young, for whatever reason and circumstance, can’t stop them from achieving their dreams.

A veteran humanitarian worker for over 15 years who has covered Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, I have heard amazing stories from the front line. If we take time to share our stories, there will be understanding and peace in this world. I truly believe that.

I am also a mom of three and a grandma to Madison who is fast-eclipsing me as a wanderlust. I passionately a lot of things: my day-job, traveling, blogging, reading and convincing people to share their stories. Our lives, whether happy or sad, complex or ordinary, make up the amazing fabric of this world. When we share, we give the opportunity so others may learn.

About Istoryya

Istoryya.com was born out of a nagging thought that “life is meant for sharing”. Isn’t it? Picture a life that’s confined to its own solitary cell – sounds awful. But, well, if there are people who prefer it that way – no arguments, please. Life is meant for respect of personal peculiarities. Come with us.

Istoryya.com will try its best to take you to a journey of places you know and those you haven’t been to. The ride will be fun, and sometimes, wild. That depends on the mood of the day. Check us out in Instagram: @istoryyadotcom and Facebook: @istoryya.

Welcome to exciting times. Let us hold your hand so we can roll with the tide! One, two, three….